Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moving. Moving. Moving.

Due to my need to change my blog name every 5 minutes I have moved. You can now find me at
The Sweatpant Chronicles.
It's just the beginning, but we all have to start somewhere.
Hope to see you there.


Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy 2 Year Anniversary, Monkey.
Wherever we go & whatever we do,
I love you.

(Can you tell what I got as my present?)

Sunday, October 23, 2011


In the words of Pshyco Mr. Sheen: "Winning."

Elizabeth & James Spring 2012 via Here

Sunday, October 9, 2011


For the first time in like 4 years I haven't wanted to have my eyes glued to the computer for 8 hours a day, everyday. So deal w/my absence because I have a feeling it's around to stay for awhile.

Today I am here though to talk about one thing man. Mr. West, ya'll.

Are these looks earth shattering-instant orgasm-amaze balls? No. But would I wear them? Hell yes.

For Kanye's first go on the runway he did fine. And I think he will get better in time. Men usually do.
At least that is what our mother's tell us.

via Style

Friday, September 30, 2011


I've had a constant headache all week. Either my caffeine consumption is out of hand or I am clenching my jaw to much. Or maybe both? Holy irritating.

Happy Frenchie Friday.

via unknown

Thursday, September 29, 2011


1. I always keep my eyes peeled for these little Russian wonders while thrifting. Even if half the set it missing. Luckily I scored the orange one today & it goes all the way to the last itty-bitty one.

2. The packaging from my boots is such a nice presentation.

3. Today I picked up the perfect silk salmon coloured blouse. And two speckled sweaters. One over sized, one fitted. I think this style of knit will become a heavy hitter in my wardrobe come Winter.
Gap/Some 80's Brand/Eddie Bauer


They swing, they sway, they smell like the interior of a new car. They're perfection.

Wearing: Old Polo from Mom (the holes are my fave part), Vintage DKNY belt, Forever XXI pants, Ray-Ban shades, Isabel Marant boots, Alexander Wang bag

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm wondering if doing a personal style blog for myself is pointless. My Isabel Marant boots were my last luxurious purchase so you aren't going to see me in fancy frocks & designer duds ever. My style is very basic day-to-day wear making it very difficult to photograph because there isn't a sparkly chandelier earring to catch the eye nor am I carrying the latest Proenza bag. Maybe I am to hard on myself, or maybe I'm realistic. In the end I suppose I have nothing to lose.

Minus my dignity.

Wearing: Thrifted BCBG linen vest, H&M cords, Lucky belt, Marni shoes

So would I have loved to own the shearling Burberry boots? Duh. But after my Isabel Marant boots my bank account wants to divorce me. Cheaper is cheaper. And that's what these boots are. But they aren't god forsaken awful either. With a pair of leggings, a vintage tee, & cozy knit they'd fill the void just fine I am sure. Especially at $150.


Is it weird I had a dream w/Mrs. Hill in it last night? Probably. In the dream she kind of pushed through a crowd of photographers & walked up to me w/her long legs dressed in a tangerine coloured cashmere sweater & a dark navy skirt w/intricate folds. She hugged me, told me I'm great at what I do & was bringing me onto the magazine (granted that is probably more of Nina's call but hey it's my dream so get off my cloud). So the dream in & of itself wasn't really about Mrs. Hill, it was about me getting my dream job. Seeing as I generally have nightmares I should probably be committed this was a really nice changed in routine.

Even though I will probably be a waitress for the rest of my life it was really special to see & feel the emotion I went through when I was told I'd get my dream job.

If only dreams became reality.

via unknown

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So I mentioned in my last post I stopped by the the thrift today. I just failed to mention what I came home with.

I do not wear scarves of this nature at all. But I plan to when I am old & grey.
Celine, Hermes, Liberty of London, Bill Blass, & Oscar de la Renta.
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

I also came home w/one that has no name. But it has a beautiful French motif on it that I plan to possibly use to recover a seat cushion.


So as I have forewarned, my days are not glamorous. Sweatpants are a daily occurrence. Today I went to put money in my over drawn account & bought stamps. I then went to the thrift. Rather than taking photos next to an ATM I decided to just take them in front of my house in my very weedy-over grown yard. With the scary tree faces that are giving you their best Bleu Steel. Sexy.

You may notice I either:
A)Make dumb faces in photos-See photo #2 or
B) Don't smile.

This is because I am a bitch have not seen a dentist in 10+ years. England has nothing on my grill. So get use to it.

Wearing: Target sweats, Vintage Harley Davidson tee, Thrifted Banana Republic cardi, Thrifted/Vintage Levi's vest, Tolani Scarf, Balenciaga shoes


I need these.

If she wasn't married & I wasn't in a committed relationship w/a child.
The woman just might be a genius.


This is what happens when you mix business w/play.
This is also what happens when you drink on the job.

Wearing: T by Alexander Wang dress, American Apparel bra, Butt Crack provided courtesy of myself

Monday, September 26, 2011


Please excuse the zero lack of posts over the weekend. Being on your period in 80 degree heat sets the stage for a very moody/sweaty girl. Trust when I say I was doing you all a favor.

I've had sweat gland removal surgery interior decor on my mind over the weekend. I have an entire house that is in some need of definite TLC. These are some images just giving me a little inspiration at the moment.

1. I just love this little space & the mix of art. via unknown
2. Pink is on the colour palette. via unknown
3. Considering turquoise for my TV console. via unknown
4. A DIY butterfly art piece rattling in my brain. via LGN