Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So as I have forewarned, my days are not glamorous. Sweatpants are a daily occurrence. Today I went to put money in my over drawn account & bought stamps. I then went to the thrift. Rather than taking photos next to an ATM I decided to just take them in front of my house in my very weedy-over grown yard. With the scary tree faces that are giving you their best Bleu Steel. Sexy.

You may notice I either:
A)Make dumb faces in photos-See photo #2 or
B) Don't smile.

This is because I am a bitch have not seen a dentist in 10+ years. England has nothing on my grill. So get use to it.

Wearing: Target sweats, Vintage Harley Davidson tee, Thrifted Banana Republic cardi, Thrifted/Vintage Levi's vest, Tolani Scarf, Balenciaga shoes

1 comment:

  1. I would have to disagree and say this is pretty darn glamorous. Balenciagas with sweatpants have never looked better. I appreciate people who can bring the luxury aspect down to more real life situations.