Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Is it weird I had a dream w/Mrs. Hill in it last night? Probably. In the dream she kind of pushed through a crowd of photographers & walked up to me w/her long legs dressed in a tangerine coloured cashmere sweater & a dark navy skirt w/intricate folds. She hugged me, told me I'm great at what I do & was bringing me onto the magazine (granted that is probably more of Nina's call but hey it's my dream so get off my cloud). So the dream in & of itself wasn't really about Mrs. Hill, it was about me getting my dream job. Seeing as I generally have nightmares I should probably be committed this was a really nice changed in routine.

Even though I will probably be a waitress for the rest of my life it was really special to see & feel the emotion I went through when I was told I'd get my dream job.

If only dreams became reality.

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