Because Vanity is Fun.

Welcome to Pajama Style. Yet ANOTHER personal style blog lost in the internet realm.

So here's the basis:

Here at Pajama Style you won't see me gallivanting about in a field that I just randomly happen upon or prancing about the streets of a great city in my latest pair of Isabel Marant boots (but shit I wish I was.) Nor will you probably ever see me flock about in fancy dresses. I am a bonafied pajama addict. If I can sleep in it, I will wear it. And thank sweet baby Jesus (& Kanye West) that Phoebe Philo brought the look to the mainstream making it more acceptable for me to go out for a margarita wearing my jammies. That's right. Sweat pants w/high heels & nightgowns w/boots. Both are welcome here.

Granted I cannot afford the likes of Celine so I am here to hopefully show the whole two people out there that may read this blog & who love & appreciate style that it can be done even on the tiniest of budgets. Times are tough kids, but style is always at reach.

AND as if there could possibly more, I do not wear jammies out everyday. On a rare occasion (& I mean bloody rare) I do put on jeans so you may see those too. Or on a very rare occasion (the cow is still mooing) see me in my vintage Halston wrap dress. Don't hold it against me. Sometimes you have to keep the routine spicy. That's right, I said SPICY. The kind that makes your nose run.
I hope you enjoy.