Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Decorating my home in my new house has been challenging to say the least leaving me lying awake at night feeling uneasy & unsure about what direction to go. Yes, while some of you are making life decisions: Gay or straight? Private school or public school? Career or travel? I lay in bed thinking about lamp shades & throw pillows. Often w/a side of shoe.

The other day I decided to go a different route picking up two copies of Country Living magazine. No that is not a typo. While searching for the style for my home I couldn't help but look around the room & see how many of my items are 'Farm' related. Mason jars, cowhides-sheepskins-deer hides (oh my!), doilies, religious figurines, farm chairs & natural wood. It all screams COUNTRY! So where better to look next than Rodarte Fall 2011. Wheat patterns, beautiful crochet work, a hint of evergreen, shimmer & a pop of sparkle, leather, & the perfect balance of colours that make you think of an old Canadian American farm. I now have my inspiration board.

When this collection first came out, I was not into it. Now, I see it in a whole new light.
Golden as wheat.

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