Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Holy shit.
These are w/o a doubt the most uncomfortable shoes I own. Don't let that kitten heel fool you. Thirty seconds in & your already looking for the nearest place to sit down.

Now meet my new favorite pants. This is the type of item I have passed up a million times because it looks like something your frumpy mom would wear. I prefer to wear them w/my Balenciaga's but they needed a nap.

Coincidentally, so do I.

Wearing: Thrifted Eddie Bauer sweater, Thrifted/Vintage Levi's denim vest, Thrifted pony hair Gap belt, Thrifted American Eagle pants (that's right, the place you shopped at in high school because you couldn't afford the shit @ Abercrombie), Miu Miu heels, A. Wang bag, I Heart Johnny Depp pin via my boyfriend, John(ny)

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